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Since 1991

About Our Ministry

The “Give Me An Answer” ministry began as an outgrowth of the dialogues Cliffe Knechtle has had with students on various university campuses throughout the United States. These universities include the University of Maine, Harvard, MIT, University of Florida, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, Berkeley, Stanford, University of Hawaii and the University of Washington.

Cliffe spoke on these campuses in front of the Student Union or Library at noon for five to ten minutes. At the close of his initial remarks, he’d open up the time for questions and answers, which usually turned into a two to four-hour dialogue with students. His crowd size ranged from 25 – 500 students at a time, and between classes, new students would join the discussion

Meet Cliffe & Stuart

Clifee Knechtle

Host & Founder of Give Me an Answer
Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT

Stuart Knechtle, Give Me An Answer, GMAA

Stuart Knechtle

Co-Host of Give Me an Answer
Assistance Pastor at Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT