Texas Shooting

It is completely unfathomable to once again hear that innocent lives were taken in yesterday’s shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Like you, I am deeply saddened and asking God for His wisdom in how to process this evil. Jesus tells us we will have trouble, so it should come as no surprise that natural disasters, […]

“Wrestle with God”

“Wrestle with God” . . . that is what the name “Israel” means. Recall the patriarch, Jacob, standing at the edge of the Jabbok River when he wrestles with a man who the Bible vaguely identifies. This “man” appears human at first, but later seems divine. The two of them wrestle all night. Today, high […]

If I haven’t done anything wrong, then why should I worry?

Monitoring our phone conversations, tracking our e-mails and internet browsing, flying drones over the US . . . . one wonders if there is anything that the government doesn’t know about us. It makes me uncomfortable – why? If I haven’t done anything wrong, then why should I worry? The problem is that everyone has […]

What is the purpose of education?

School is drawing to a close for the year – I can hear the collective “hallelujah” in my ears! High school AP exams are finished, and those of you in college have turned in your final paper and taken your last final. You have probably returned home to mom’s cooking and are hoping the huge […]

Adversity is inevitable. Adversity stinks. Adversity is good.

Adversity is inevitable. Adversity stinks. Adversity is good. In some way, shape, or form, these are all parts of Christian doctrine. I can’t think of one person in the Bible that didn’t face adversity. Moses fled Egypt after killing someone, had to face down Pharaoh, and wasn’t allowed to enter the Promised Land. Jeremiah was […]

What brings you joy?

What brings you joy? This question came up the other day, and we all had to really think about it. Some of us said our relationship with God, others talked about their kids, some talked about friends and relationships, and others talked about being in nature. The conversation was going along fine until someone said […]

Serving Others and Lasting Happiness

Sometimes, someone else says it better. This is from John Ortberg’s “When The Game Is Over It All Goes Back In The Box.” A fellow psychology professor, Martin Seligman, engaged his class in a debate about whether happiness comes more readily from acts of kindness or from having fun. He gave them a unique assignment: […]

Believing In the Bible

One of the many reasons I believe in God is because I firmly believe that no human being was smart enough to write the Bible. It is simply too complex, too wise, and too prophetic. The more I study, the more I am amazed at how it fits together – even more incredible since it […]

The existence or non-existence of God

“1 chance in 1000000000000000000000000000000 (followed by another 2970 zeroes)”. “What?”, my friend asked as we sipped our coffee in the local morning hangout. A little background: my atheist friend, who fancies himself as a scientist, had asked me to meet him one morning so we could talk about the existence or non-existence of God. He […]