Serving Others and Lasting Happiness

Sometimes, someone else says it better. This is from John Ortberg’s “When The Game Is Over It All Goes Back In The Box.” A fellow psychology professor, Martin Seligman, engaged his class in a debate about whether happiness comes more readily from acts of kindness or from having fun. He gave them a unique assignment: engage in one philanthropic activity and one pleasurable activity and write about them both. ‘The results were life changing. The afterglow of the pleasurable activity (hanging out with friends, or watching a movie, or eating a hot fudge sundae) paled with the effects of the kind action. When our philanthropic acts were spontaneous and called upon personal strengths, the whole day went better'”. In other words, long lasting happiness comes from serving others, and serving is psychologically healthy. But God already knew this.

Associate Pastor Emeritus, Greg Zehner