From Disunion to Union

The President delivered the State of the Union on Tuesday [February 12, 2013] evening. Sometimes when I think of the global church, I think of the State of Disunion. Churches argue with each other, compete with each other, and judge each other. The Catholic church warned that the church would split into multiple denominations when the Reformation began in 1517. They were right. Of course, there is a place for doctrinal debates, and those discussions should be had.

Yet, we should make sure that we focus on the essentials. I always ask myself five important questions when talking to Christians of other denominations. I don’t ask whether a person believes in predestination or free will. I don’t ask whether they believe in intelligent design or a six-day creation. I don’t ask whether they take communion with leavened or unleavened bread. I don’t ask what type of music they have at their church. I ask: (1) do you believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and rose from the dead?; (2) do you believe in the Trinity?; (3) do you believe the Bible is God’s revelation to us?; (4) do you believe Jesus is going to return, and there will be a judgment day?; and (5) do you try to love others as you love yourself, and how does this manifest itself in your life? Maybe if we start with these 5 points, we can help bring union to disunion.

Associate Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church Greg Zehner