The Super Bowl is over, and we have to wait until September for more football.

This week, one of my friends was griping about players who pray for their team to win. He rightly asserted that there are players on both sides praying for victory with the inevitable outcome that the losing set of players will not have their prayers answered. Obviously, God cannot answer both team’s prayers. So, my friend made me wonder how many of my prayers are mutually exclusive. Does granting my prayer request mean that another person has her/his prayers denied? Of course, not all prayers are like this, but some definitely are. Yes, I pray for victory figuring that God can sort out the complex network of prayers. Yet, I ask myself, what is my goal? Do I seek to glorify God in my victory or do I seek to glorify myself? Do I really believe that God can use my defeat in order to further His kingdom and my character development?

Associate Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church Greg Zehner