Adam and Eve were naked and felt no shame

In a previous post, I mentioned that Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden and felt no shame. If they were in Park City, they might not be feeling shame, but they would be feeling frostbite! What is Genesis 2 getting at? First, you have to ask yourself what causes shame. Most people say that it would be some sense of having done wrong or feeling inferior. Notice, Adam and Eve had no sense of inferiority until the serpent suggested that they could be like God. But after this brief conversation (even before eating the fruit), the shame begins because they feel that they deserve to be more than human. In short, they were not content with their humanity – they wanted more; they wanted to be like God.

What does this have to do with us? Ask yourself: how often do I play the role of God? How often do I make myself the gatekeeper of heaven and judge people to hell? How often do I want to be in control of everything that happens in my life? How often do I accuse God of not having my best interest at heart? How often do I belittle God (thereby exalting myself) by taking His name in vain? How often do I question God’s motives? God created you and me to be without shame – to accept that we are sons and daughters of God, do our best, and leave the rest up to Him. Going into 2013, it seems there is a ton of uncertainty – fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, job pressures, an uncertain geopolitical landscape. God is in control – can you accept that?

Associate Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church Greg Zehner