“Linsanity” and Faith in God

The Sundance Film Festival is currently taking place in my town, Park City. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but it seems like the film industry is mostly anti-religious. Yet in the midst of this, I was able to see the screening of the movie, “Linsanity”, which chronicles Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame. It was a tough road as he was always underestimated. He lead Palo Alto High School to the California state championship but was not offered a Division I scholarship and had to “settle” for Harvard. After graduation, he went undrafted, did a brief stint with Golden State, and then struggled in the NBA’s development league before being called up by the Knicks last February.

What keeps coming through in the movie is Jeremy Lin’s faith that God had a plan for him. It gave him the hope and drive to continue when it seemed the world was against him. I don’t know what you are going through this week, but take a moment to read Jeremiah 29:11. God never gives up on us. God can take the evil perpetrated on us and turn it to good. God has a plan for you – even when the circumstances of the world seem overwhelming.

Associate Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church Greg Zehner