God's Character
Is it true that God is jealous? If so, why?
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How is it right for God to not forgive people and to allow sickness and death? Watch as Cliffe answers these and other questions from students at Ohio University.

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  1. jpmortician says:

    Why can’t people just listen instead of using foul ignorant language, and ask intelligent reasonable questions.

  2. _Adonai says:

    who aim i to say god is jelous. but if someone or something made you and then wanted you to follow in thier foots steps and follow thier guide-lines and rules. Then you do the complete opposite to the rules etc.ofcorse that somthing or someone will be jelous if he loves you or cares about you. but if that someone or somthing didnt love you they would destory you a keep making more till its right.wouldnt you do the same? thats how i think us humans would take it.but god is not flesh so id have noidear how he would take it

  3. _Adonai says:

    soooo many silly pointless questions.(stubben people we are)

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